Vermont Dog Pack Mission

Vermont Dog Pack’s mission is to provide owners dog training services to help them achieve optimal balance in their dogs and the relationships they have with them. This is why we have extensive packages that are different than other trainers in the area. Our packages are designed to educate you and get RESULTS. Through our lifetime support we find our clients being more confident with their dogs and get their freedom back. Our dog training services, camp, and socialization programs are designed to set owners up for their definition of success no matter what breed, personality or size dog they have.

Our Dog Training mission is to provide owners all the skills and education they need in order to have a happy healthy relationship with their dogs and where their dog chooses a healthier state of mind around their triggers. We offer extensive handouts and reading material as well as a DVD to make sure you have access to as much information as possible to help you on our dog training journey.

Our Dog Pack Camp mission is to provide owners an outlet for their dogs to become balanced in our pack and learn how to play with other dogs without using adrenaline. We invite our clients to come out to Camp with us as much as they feel necessary to teach their dogs appropriate manners around dogs.

Our Dog Socialization program is designed to get dogs socializing again in a controlled environment. We’ve found our program as helpful to owners as they are to the dogs. The socialization program is called Vermont Dog Socials, LLC and its mission is to help owners overcome their fears of socializing their dogs and for dogs to start responding to other dogs in an appropriate way that harness’ respect between the two. Dog trainers who specialize in pack management help owners feel comfortable socializing their dogs again and teach them the subtle movements of dog body language so they know the different between an appropriate and concerning dog interaction. We get clients coming back each month to enroll their dogs because they find it so helpful for not just their dogs training but for their confidence as well.

“Rhonda helped me so much with my dog Mason. When I first got him he was a sweetheart and slowly things started to change. He started off by barking at people whenever they were within 5 feet of us and soon it got so bad we couldn’t walk down the street if someone was on the other side of it. He would bark, growl, lunge and try to attack them. He was also horrible around dogs, when on leash he would lose his mind if he saw another dog, it could have been in the house and Mason would drag me as close as possible so he could bark and growl at it. It got so bad that if I saw another person or dog coming our way I would turn around and run as fast as I could back to our house. I went through some other training with Mason, primarily using treats to create distractions for him and show him that other people and dogs brought good things but that did nothing to help us and the longer the problems went on the worse it became. He was terrible on a leash, he would drag me around, and jump at cars, he had no recall to speak of and if he was off leash and a person was around he would herd them and bark until I was able to pull him away. If there was another dog around he would attack them. That’s when I found Rhonda.

Working with Rhonda is the best thing that could have happened to Mason or myself. We started some work with the halti because I was a little bit nervous about using an e-collar. The halti helped with the leash handling skills on my part but did nothing for Mason’s aggression and that’s when Rhonda suggested using the e-collar. Within 1 week of using the ecollar Mason was calmly healing at my side, a week after that he was working on his recall and doing great. About a month after that Rhonda had us walk on Church Street, it was terrifying, but Mason did incredibly. I would have never dreamed I could take him into public, let alone on Church Street but he did it. We are 6 months out of training and with a lot of hard work and time spent training him, Mason now has perfect recall, he is playing happily with other dogs without incident and I can now take him with me to places like the Burlington Farmers Market without worrying that he will lunge or bark at another person. Going into training I just wanted Mason to be reliable off leash and to be able to walk calmly by other dogs and people without me having to worry to much. My expectations were blown out of the water, I can now take him wherever I go and I don’t have to worry. He will sit calmly in public places and is even to preform down stay’s when there are a million things going on around us. I can now enjoy my time with Mason and he is finally a calm, happy and confident dog.”
– Cristina Piergentili owner of Mason