“If I had known how relaxing and fun having a well trained dog is I would have signed up with Vermont Dog Pack as soon as I got a puppy. My year old Belgian Shepherd, Iorek, is smart and friendly with people and other dogs, but had a wild chasing habit. Cars, bikes, joggers, airplanes, anything that moved he was after in a second. I didn’t realize how stressful it was to never be able to let him off leash and literally fear for his life every time we went outside somewhere he may see a car. Stressful for me, but also so stressful for him. It was like his whole life was just searching frantically for something to chase.

I was hesitant to try out the e-collar and had been taking him to trainers who convinced me that I could break him of car chasing using only positive reinforcement. I feel angry that his previous trainers were so stuck in an ideology of training that they couldn’t see his true personality and recommend a tool like the e-collar. I’m so glad he wasn’t killed or injured when he escaped me and chased cars last fall and winter. Rhonda helped me see that since there was literally nothing that he loved more than chasing, I would need to apply a negative correction to change the habit. She promised big results and completely delivered.

In less than 10 days, Iorek was completely off leash reliable and now I barely have to use the e-collar. He learned not to chase cars in just one lesson. He has 100% perfect recall. I want to repeat that. He has 100% perfect recall!! He can walk at a heel in even the most exciting and stimulating environments. We can hang out in our yard together, go hiking, play at the beach, and play catch in the park surrounded by cars, other dogs, runners, cyclists, people playing catch all off leash and he doesn’t even think about chasing them.

In addition to the feeling of total safety that my dog is not going to be hit by a car or terrify a child on a bicycle, his general state of anxiety has relaxed and he seems so much happier. It’s like he was just waiting for me to tell him what I want him to be doing. He’s started eating better and is now at a healthy weight. His anxious home alone behavior (eating books and plastic “toys” out of the recycling bin) has decreased significantly. He is like a different dog. He kept all his sweet snuggly friendly parts and has let go of the anxious chasing difficult parts.

I can’t recommend Rhonda and Vermont Dog Pack more highly. This was the best investment in my life and my dogs life that I’ve made since bringing Iorek home with me last summer. I feel so thankful!”

-Sara and Iorek