Achieve a Lifetime of Happiness With Your Rescue Dog!

Has a trainer given up on your rescue dog?
“The second trainer informed me Thai would just never be a dog who could socialize with other dogs” – Mandy

I promise never to give up on you when you need me most!

Have you taken a group class and learned nothing?
“We attended a highly recommended local dog trainer’s class and enrolled in their 6 week, treat-based training course. The only thing that we learned was to teach Rita to sit” – Laura

I promise to teach your dog more than obedience. I’ll help you teach your dog how to feel safe and confident in life!

Has a trainer jumped to suggesting medication before exhausting all resources?
“Her anxiety increased, she couldn’t walk without barking and freaking out. I started working with a trainer, but little progress was made and new issues developed. Finally, the trainer suggested I talk with my vet about anti-anxiety medications” – Megan

I promise our methods work in helping your dog overcome their anxiety! I believe most dogs struggle with not listening or fear due to anxiety and stress. Our course is designed specifically with this in mind so you can overcome all of their behavioral problems.

Has a trainer told you your rescue dog was untrainable?
“We tried another accredited trainer when Benny was 1 and after just two sessions she told us Bennett was “untrainable” – Jenna

Your dog is not untrainable. You just haven’t found the right method of training designed specifically with your rescue dog in mind! Our course is helping rescue dog parents understand their dogs on a deep level. You too will understand the typical negative experiences that make a big impact on a rescue dog. You’ll learn the very best method of training for rescue dogs that has similar principles to Neuro Linguistic Programming Therapy!

Did you get outcasted by your trainer in front of a whole class?
“One trainer stuck us in the hall, away from all other dogs because Grover would bark the entire class” – Allison

Our online course is proven to be a perfect place to start your training. Rather than starting your dog’s training in locations that create over stimulation and anxiety like at dog school, a group class or attending private lessons, we help you create change in your home, where your anxious, fearful or hyperactive dog feels most safe and most able to learn new things.

Has a trainer told you your dog would never be off-leash reliable?
“The instructor said that based on Rita’s breed and history, we would never get a solid off leash recall” – Laura

If you are looking for a course that gets your dog highly obedient off-leash and walking perfectly in a heel, we do not promise these things. We believe those these things should be secondary to creating a long lasting impact on how your dog thinks and feels. Only coming from this fundamental emotional change can your dog truly achieve incredible and reliable off and on-leash behavior.

It’s not your fault!
It’s not your fault you didn’t achieve success with training. Many trainers jump too quickly and give up on dogs, or push owners onto lifetime medication as a way to manage the problem because of their lack of education in behavior modification.

I understand your frustration. That’s why we have a plan for you that includes teaching your dog how to control their emotional state, feel optimistic about life and learn how to become resilient to stress.

Training should help you feel safe, feel good and your trainer should be accessible.
Vermont Dog Pack was started in 2007 by Vermonter, Rhonda Bilodeau. Rhonda is a certified trainer, training in the Training Between The Ears System. She mentors aspiring dog professionals through her My Dog Camp Online Course and helps Rescue Dog Parents and Rescue Organizations with their fosters and adopter’s rescue dogs through Happy Rescue Dogs.

Her program is similar to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in that it helps dogs feel differently about their triggers. This NLP style of training helps to rewire their brains, changing how they view the word. This is how Rhonda trains reliable dogs- focusing on a dog’s opinion about the world not just their behavior. Rhonda developed a strong interest in NLP because of how much anxiety both dog and owner were passing between each other. She is completing her Master NLP Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist course through Thrive Collective Learning to help assist her clients in remaining calm and positive when with their dogs.

You can access Rhonda and her training through Happy Rescue Dogs, an online dog training course designed for Rescue Dogs. Rhonda is highly skilled in the area of resolving trauma for Rescue Dogs. Your Rescue Dog has been through a lot and the training should reflect that need for specialized support. Online learning allows you to conveniently learn from home, rewatch educational videos as many times as you want and at your own pace, plus it gives you access to Rhonda that can help you along the success path that is guaranteed to get you results!


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