Dog Camp

Vermont Dog Pack’s camp service offers 2 hour dog adventures from 9am – 11am, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Dog Camp is $35/dog and $30/ second dog in the same household. We pick up dogs in the Milton, Georgia and Fairfax area. We bring dogs to off-leash friendly areas to swim, run, hike, retrieve, play, socialize, sniff and frolic. We have a 6.5 acre fenced in property that has a pond, walking trails and large fields to run in. We also visit local private farms and properties for field trips with the dogs. It’s all the great things about a doggie daycare just mobile and liberating!

The daycare is similar to a half-day daycare program since it runs for roughly 3 hours (each dog gets 2 hours of off leash play time and roughly 1 hour of car time). This camp is great for really adventurous dogs who love to run wild outside and then spend the rest of the day resting in their home or for dogs who feel a typical daycare setting can be too overwhelming.

We keep the dogs balanced by teaching them appropriate play. Once we teach your dog to control their emotions they can learn important skills like good manners around people and dogs, walking as a pack, down stays and many more impulse control related skills.

Vermont Dog Pack Camp

Dog Camp Testimonials

We started sending Hobie to Vermont Dog Pack because we did not feel that Daycare set a dog up for success. Hobie had found himself in a couple of altercations and so we were hoping that time with Vermont Dog Pack would benefit his socialization skills. Having Hobie work with Vermont Dog Pack has exceeded our expectations. It’s so evident to us that they have successfully implemented new behavioral habits in Hobie. Taking him to the dog park is no longer a stressful experience. In fact, Hobie is the best behaved dog in the park. We will be forever indebted to Vermont Dog Pack for their expertise, attention and dedication. With a busy day juggling responsibilities, it is one less chore and a weight off our mind, that Vermont Dog Pack will come to our home to collect and deliver Hobie. Their costs are comparable to daycare but her services are not. They far exceed the traditional day care. Vermont Dog pack sets a dog up to thrive and offers a healthy outlet for growth vs. simply providing a baby sitting service. My only regret is that we didn’t know about Vermont Dog Pack earlier.
– Athena and Bill Rublee owner of Hobi


“Its hard to describe- and hard to believe that I once had a totally wacky, lovable yet totally unbalanced dog that was STRESSFUL to walk and exhausting to live with.  Griffin is now  90 pounds of playful, sweet, mellow, predictable, responsive, calm, BALANCED canine….and he is known to those in the neighborhood as the dog that once was….(fill in the blank!).  Rhonda and the dog pack have changed mine and my son’s relationships with Griffin from one characterized by mutual love and exasperation to one that is built on mutual love, respect, connection, playfulness, calm and belonging.  Griffin is undoubtedly a strong presence in our home- his energy keeps us all aware and present, calm and engaged, open and steady.  What a gift to Griffin and to our family.  Our lives are much, much better for having worked with and become connected to Rhonda and her amazing strength, knowledge and commitment to the dog pack.  I never miss an opportunity to let people know that they shouldn’t miss out on someone with such great things to offer to the world of people and their dogs.   Thanks Rhonda!!!!”
– Jill Richard owner of Griffin


My dog Eko has been going to camp with Rhonda for about 2 years. As he has matured from adolescent to an adult, he began to have some aggression issues towards other dogs. Rhonda was extremely helpful in finding the right training methods to redirect and help him regain his focus, and both Rhonda and I have observed major improvements. I am so thankful to have Rhonda in our lives’, I know that if Eko ever has any other issues, behavior or otherwise, she will be there to help solve any future problems. It is such a relief knowing I can turn to her for help or questions whenever I need it. Rhonda is committed to the work that she does: she attends multiple training’s through out the year, constantly improving and trying new training methods. Her open mindedness and ever-growing knowledge about all the different techniques in dog training has given her the tools and ability to work with any type of situation. She will never give up on a dog and is always challenging her clients to try different methods in training in order to have the best companion possible!
– Kayla Thibault owner of Eko