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Did you dream of adopting a rescue dog and giving it a happy life? One that could accompany you on hikes and visit friends and their dogs? Instead you feel like a failure and hopeless because your dog is so anxious outside and anxious greeting new people and dogs? Are you afraid of letting your dog down or doing the unthinkable like returning your dog to the rescue? We understand your frustration over traditional training methods and have the solutions for you that you’ve been searching for. One that will help your dog feel & think differently about the world. We help you bring the puppy joyful nature of your rescue dog out into all areas of your life so you can start living the dream you envisioned together.

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Did You Dream of Getting a Dog and Living Happily Ever After?

But instead you have…

A Barking, Anxious or Fearful Dog?
“Cooper was a very anxious dog, he would bark at the littlest noise and at anyone who came into the house. If Cooper saw a person or dog outside he would bark and lunge so hard he would work his way out of his harness.”

Dog Aggression Problems?
“Our Airedale Terrier, Bristol, was head strong, had dog aggression, no recall, lots of energy and had a dominant personality. We went to schools that taught her basic obedience, but we were never able to establish a relationship with her where we felt in control and able to direct her behavior in a variety of situations. Our list of places grew smaller and we knew this was not the life we wanted with our dog.”

A Dog that Can’t be Trusted Off-Leash?
“Our one year old hound mix loved hunting, sprinting, and chasing more than listening to us. She was either pulling on the leash to pursue a squirrel or running off into the distance when we were brave enough to attempt letting her off.”

Puppy Problems?
“I didn’t have any idea how to raise a puppy. She just would not listen. She made a game of not coming when called, instead running toward the road. Wouldn’t “stay”, pulled on her leash, jumped up on people, and was so hyper all the time I’m ashamed to say that I was at my wits end and almost gave her away.”

We work with all breeds and issues!

Common Issues We Help:

Anxiety • Fearfulness • Reactivity • Aggression Towards Dogs • Aggression Towards People • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders • Jumping On Guests • Play Biting • Pulling On Leash • Reactivity On Leash • Darting Out Doors • Not Obeying Commands • Boundary Training Inside & Outside • Running Off / No Recall • Guarding Toys or Food • Barking Excessively • Separation Anxiety • Stealing Food • Territory Aggression • Cat Aggression • Peeing in House • Puppy Training


Kathy Signed Up for our Creating Calmness Program and her dog, Cooper became a calmer more confident dog
“After training, Cooper became a different dog. The difference in three weeks was amazing! I can now bring Cooper outside and not worry that he is going to go crazy if we see a person or another dog, it is not only his anxiety that has decreased but mine as well.” – Kathy Fraser owner of Cooper – Milton, VT

Kyle Signed Up for our Amazing Anywhere Puppy Program and his dog, Maize became a more enjoyable & reliable puppy to be around…
“I now have a dog I can trust. Who is in control of her emotions, never pulls on her leash or jumps, and comes 100% of the time when I call. I get tons of compliments on how good a dog she is and how well she listens. It’s hard to believe I ever considered getting rid of her. It’s just crazy to think how quickly it all changed. I can honestly say it was worth every penny.” -Kyle Conger owner of Maize – Fairfax, VT

Katie Signed Up for our Well Mannered Dog Program and Bristol is now reliable off-leash around friendly with dogs…
“Now when Bristol is off leash we are confident that we can control her and be consistent in our expectations and commands. Bristol is learning to greet off leash dogs in a friendly way, control her excitement in new situations, and remain obedient in high distraction environments! Since our training we have received dozens of comments from friends and family about the amazing difference they see in Bristol and how enjoyable she is to be around now. Last weekend I went trail running with her alone without lance for the first time in 3 years. The two of us had so much fun and that was definitely something I never thought I would be able to do with her! She also had a successful first day at off-leash dog camp.” -Katie Jennings owner of Bristol – Winooski, VT

Emily Signed Up for our Reliable Recall in 3 Weeks Program and Callie is now reliable off-leash…
“We were recommended by a veterinarian friend to consider electronic remote collar training (e-collar training) and found Vermont Dog Pack.Our dog now miraculously understands her boundaries and respects them. There is a visible difference in her happiness when she explores and sniffs around independently. It is absolutely an investment, and a 100% worthwhile one.” -Emma Darragh owner of Callie – Burlington, VT

These are real people like you that are now living a great life with their dogs stress free after gaining the knowledge and tools that actually work so that they could help their dogs!

They also get support through our wonderful Vermont Dog Pack Tribe community group.

Have you considered doing the unthinkable?
“At one point, I was ready to give up and find a new home for Lindy” – Megan O’Brien, Winooski VT

Feeling that pull to give your dog back to the breeder or shelter?
“While I loved him and would never put him up for adoption, I was having buyers remorse” – Andrea Solomon, Essex VT

Are you losing valuable time trying to figure it out on your own?
“Like a lot of people when I first got blue I thought I could do most of the training myself and I did a lot, but with him being a border collie husky mix he was extremely smart as well as stubborn. I knew he wanted to be off leash and run but it just wasn’t working out on my own.” -Sarah St. Gelias, Williston VT

Instead, these owners sought out our training programs and changed their own lives around!

You can too!

“The training and transformation of my dog has been incredible. My stress level is practically zero, where as prior to training I was crying daily. Training really did change my life. My relationship with Lindy changed and I’m so in love with my dog.” – Megan O’Brien, Winooski VT

Enjoy happy and stress free walks!
“Before Mieko was reactive, and even aggressive towards other dogs; snapping, barking, pawing the ground, straining on-leash. He now likes other dogs, and meets them appropriately on and off leash. He is a joy to be around. He is happy and free.” – Anke Tremback, Burlington VT

Enjoy more adventures with their dogs!
“The training has improved our lives with our dog, and has made adventuring with her worry free and fun” – Jillian Leikauskas, Burlington VT

Peacefully have guests come over to your house again!
“We can have people come over to visit without chaos ensuing. We can eat dinner while the dogs stay in place until we’re finished. We can walk/play off leash knowing that we can get the dogs to come back reliably. The list of new freedoms goes on and on. Our investment was well worth it.” – Erin and Bob George, Essex Junction, VT

Take your dogs to soccer games and include them more in family outings!
“I can now go on dog walks with friends, take Rita to my daughters soccer games, have people over for dinner, and enjoy spending time with her. Rita is a much happier, playful, and attentive of a dog.” – Laura Oliver, Richmond VT