Dog Training Burlington, VT and Milton, VT

We are excited to be exclusively offering our dog training services through our brand new online course!

The Happy Rescue Dogs Online Dog Training Course has been specifically designed for rescue dogs in mind.

Our online course step-by-step program to guide you through resolving your rescue dog’s stress that is the root cause of their behavioral issues. We do this without creating conflict and building trusting relationships and reliable behavior you can count on.

Our course trains and teaches dogs to be well behaved in natural behavior, eliminating the need to micro manage them in their environment.

We strongly believe all rescue dogs should take this course as a prerequisite to any obedience training.

Every rescue dog needs to develop important life skills like resiliency, how to relax, feel safe and think optimistically. Only these skills can truly overcome aggression, anxiety, fearfulness or hyperactivity and build a confident and happy rescue dog!

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