Dog Camp FAQ

What are the dog requirements for Camp?
Dogs must display friendly behavior with other dogs, people and children. They must have good off leash reliability. We do not accept dogs who have bitten humans or other dogs. If you’d like your dog to attend Camp and have questions please fill out the Camp form and Rhonda will get back to you with a plan.

Where will you take the dogs?
Typically to a farm in Milton.

Are you insured?
Yes! We are insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

Where is your facility?
We don’t have a facility! That’s what’s so great about our daycare. The dog’s are not stuck inside all day long. They run free outside at safe areas. We do have to limit our route to 4 towns (Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski and Essex) and only pick up and drop off in these areas.

Can I enroll my dog in your daycare if I’m visiting town and looking for a place to drop my dog off?
Unfortunately, there’s an initial consultation with paper work that takes time and the schedule is fixed with each dog getting it’s own slot on a shift on a certain day. There will most likely not be an extra opening for a last minute Camp walk.

Can you teach me more about Pack Walks and dog behavior?
Sure! We have a separate website called My Dog Camp.

That’s a lot of dogs. Will my dog be safe in a group that big?
Vermont Dog Pack averages between 6 and 9 well behaved dogs for 1 person. We act as pack leaders and referee’s focusing on controlling adrenaline in the group. Once adrenaline is eliminated or controlled the pack runs smoothly. While there are always risks associated with your dogs being off-leash there are also a lot of benefits of having your dog off-leash socializing and exploring. I pick only safe dog areas away from roads and traffic. When we’re traveling from one place to another the dogs will be in the car. All dogs in the groups will be well socialized so you have the peace of knowing your dog is part of a healthy happy pack. We also promote Pack Leader Walks which are a great way to be able to control the group emotionally and physically. It helps promote a well adjusted pack and balanced dogs.

My dog meets most of the requirements but still has a couple issues. Can they still come along for doggie daycare?
Unfortunately my policies are very strict. Every dog in the group must meet the requirements because one dog’s issues can really hinder my ability to keep every dog safe. Please check out my dog training link to see what you can do to get your dog Camp ready.

My dog is little. Do they qualify for the Camp?
As long as your dog does well in the heat and in the cold they can join the Camp. There is always the option of enrolling them in the months they do better in.

How much off leash time are they really getting?
They always get at least 2 hours of off-leash play. Some dogs spend more time than other’s in the car because of where they live.

Are you hiring?
Right now we are not hiring for the 2013/2014 Winter.