Dog Training FAQ

What is your training method?
I believe in creating a lot of motivation in our dog with as much positive reinforcement training methods possible while making the training fun for both the dog and owner. I believe training shouldn’t be complex or hard for owners to grasp and reproduce which is why I use cutting edge methods like SATS and modern electronic e-collars.

What is an e-collar?
An e-collar is an electric remote collar. Please see Martin Deeley’s explanation on how electric collars have made huge advancements since their debut as shock collars and also an explanation on how E-Touch helps owners achieve responsive dogs

What is SATS?
The Syn Alia Training System recognizes that animals can be aware, thinking, responsible, partners – and should be treated as such. They deserve to know the training goals and requirements, and to get feedback in their success in achieving these goals and requirements. They are most effectively managed with respect and fairness. In our interactions with animals, SATS trainers strive for mutual respect, responsibility, benefit, and integrity. We give the animal a lot of support and information during the training process. We seek to empower our animal partners to be successful in all their dealings with humans. (Taken from

The philosophy of SATS is that in our interactions “With Others” , we treat others as we would want to be treated, if our positions were reversed. We also teach our dogs Perception Modification (PM). PM is a process of teaching animals to cope with stressors and manage their emotions. Owners learn to teach ‘Conditioned Relaxation” bridges, and a target. Work hands on in setting up/running ‘Cycles’ and see a way to solve most of the most difficult problems we see, without medication, or devices.

What program is best for my dog?
Fill out the training form and I’ll get back to you to discuss which package would be best for your family.

Do you offer weekly basic obedience courses?
I currently am not offering any obedience courses.