Vermont Dog Pack Mission

Vermont Dog Pack’s mission is to show the community that it is possible to have that dog you were wishing for. The one that can accompany you on all your wild adventures, off-leash and that will be comfortable around your friends and family at holiday parties or gatherings.

“I was searching for all the same answers you were- how can I achieve more reliable, relaxed and confident dogs I can trust? I was on a journey to learn how I could make the training experience enjoyable but reliable for the dogs I worked with and the owners. I saw a lot of my clients achieve great success but missing that last important part of the rehabilitation program- confidence. I’ve been developing my program for 11 years to achieve this ideal healthy happy dog and i’m finally getting the total results I’ve been searching for for all these years. What the program involves;

– massaging techniques to help re-wire the brain because wouldn’t it be nice to be able to help your dog during stressful situation? We teach our clients to be able to melt their dogs stress away through hands on massaging techniques
– a strong communication system for fearful dogs called perception modification that owners can practice easily in their day to life without it being a hassle but makes a huge difference in building their confidence
– a strong communication system for exuberant dogs that want to have off-leash freedom. A tired dog is a good dog!
– packages that are designed to give you step by step instructions that are clear on how we are getting from point A to point B. No more feeling like you’re on your own!
– the education you need through weekly handouts and videos so you have a clear understanding of our methodology- accommodating all types of learners or for those that like to really understand and study dog behavior
– support programs to get clients out working with their dogs around other pack friendly dogs and in supportive environments. You are not alone
– on going education through our FB group called Vermont Dog Pack Tribe. It’s a supportive community of clients that help each other when needed and a place to ask questions and get answers
– & lifetime support”

“Rhonda helped me so much with my dog Mason. When I first got him he was a sweetheart and slowly things started to change. He started off by barking at people whenever they were within 5 feet of us and soon it got so bad we couldn’t walk down the street if someone was on the other side of it. He would bark, growl, lunge and try to attack them. He was also horrible around dogs, when on leash he would lose his mind if he saw another dog, it could have been in the house and Mason would drag me as close as possible so he could bark and growl at it. It got so bad that if I saw another person or dog coming our way I would turn around and run as fast as I could back to our house. I went through some other training with Mason, primarily using treats to create distractions for him and show him that other people and dogs brought good things but that did nothing to help us and the longer the problems went on the worse it became. He was terrible on a leash, he would drag me around, and jump at cars, he had no recall to speak of and if he was off leash and a person was around he would herd them and bark until I was able to pull him away. If there was another dog around he would attack them. That’s when I found Rhonda.

Working with Rhonda is the best thing that could have happened to Mason or myself. Within a few weeks of training Mason was calmly healing at my side, a week after that he was working on his recall and doing great. About a month after that Rhonda had us walk on Church Street, it was terrifying, but Mason did incredibly. I would have never dreamed I could take him into public, let alone on Church Street but he did it. We are 6 months out of training and with a lot of hard work and time spent training him, Mason now has perfect recall, he is playing happily with other dogs without incident and I can now take him with me to places like the Burlington Farmers Market without worrying that he will lunge or bark at another person. Going into training I just wanted Mason to be reliable off leash and to be able to walk calmly by other dogs and people without me having to worry to much. My expectations were blown out of the water, I can now take him wherever I go and I don’t have to worry. He will sit calmly in public places and is even to preform down stay’s when there are a million things going on around us. I can now enjoy my time with Mason and he is finally a calm, happy and confident dog.”
– Cristina Piergentili owner of Mason