Mutt Mixer

Dog Socialization is key in creating a happy, well adjusted, balanced dog. Our Mutt Mixer offers clients to join a safe place to socialize their dogs again and in a supportive community of client’s that are all understanding of theirs and their dogs needs for safe appropriate play and socializing.  The Mutt Mixer is dog socialization in a safe environment and is highly recommended as additional training for dogs that need more time with other dogs, with dog reactivity, high arousal around other dogs or aggression toward other dogs.

At the Mutt Mixer, head trainer Rhonda Bilodeau, strives to make it a place where any dog can safely come and socialize. Rhonda specializes in pack management and dog to dog communication and behavior. She loves guiding her client’s through the sometimes complex behaviors their dogs exhibit during pre and post greetings. Through the Mutt Mixer, Rhonda engages with each client to explain what is appropriate and inappropriate interactions. Rhonda has been running socialization programs of the like for 10 years and prides herself in being able to safely and comfortably integrate difficult dogs with other dogs again while being a continued support system for the handlers journey to having a social dog again.