“I adopted Lindy, a four year old hound mix from South Carolina, six months ago. The rescue shelter didn’t know much about her except she was rescued from the streets, fond of people, and indifferent to other dogs. The first couple weeks she was anxious, unable to follow commands, yet I just thought it was just her adjustment to a new home. Her anxiety increased and she started to become reactive to other dogs while walking. Then, it was my entire neighborhood. She couldn’t walk without barking and freaking out. Things inside were becoming more stressful with her chasing my cat and having no control over her. I started working with a trainer, along with obedience class, but little progress was made and new issues developed. Finally, the trainer suggested I talk with my vet about anti-anxiety medications. My friend had recommend Rhonda several times, so I called her as my last effort.

The training and transformation of my dog has been incredible. My stress level is practically zero, where as prior to meeting her I was crying daily. The first few weeks of training were hard, and Rhonda recognized that and gave me the support throughout that time. At one point, I was ready to give up and find a new home for Lindy, but she texted “I’ll be at your house at 8am” for an emergency session. That session was a turning point. Lindy blossomed after that lesson and I became a calmer and more confident owner. My cat came out of hiding, Lindy respects her and leaves her alone, and we can all hang out together! Lindy is much more comfortable with other dogs and is getting better every day. I would recommend Rhonda in a heartbeat, and my advise to any struggling dog owner is don’t hesitate to call her. Don’t wait. She really did change my life. My relationship with Lindy changed and I’m so in love with my dog. I’m so grateful.”

– Lindy’s mom, Megan.